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-Do you know what equipment and materials are needed to build cold storage?
-Are you sure that the equipment selected for your cold storage is properly selected and not more or less than the required amount?
-Did you know that the type of architecture of cold storage affects increasing productivity according to the goods in which it will be stored?
-Do you know which cold storage system on the market is more suitable for your product and geographical area?

اسکچاپ سردخانه

The difference between us and others in providing cold storage construction advice:

-What should be the characteristics of the land on which you build the cold storage?
-What should be the design and architecture of the cold storage to store your special product?
-Which construction method is optimal for you?
-What are the proper dimensions of your cold storage?
-What is a sandwich panel?
-How many sandwich panels does your cold storage need to build?
-How is the process of flooring your cold storage?
-What steps should you go through to order cold storage  equipment?
-What is the cold storage cold storage load?

-What should be the logistics planning in your cold storage?
-What can be the side effects of your cold storage?
-What is a cold storage system?
-Ammonia or Freon compressor? Which is better for you?
-What is the justification plan for your cold storage?
-What is the plan for your desired cold storage?
-How should you apply for a cold storage pre-invoice?
-What is your cold storage business plan?
-What is the final cost and cost of building your cold storage?
-What are the parts of your cold storage?
-How long does it take to build and deliver the final cold storage to you?
-Who do you buy cold storage equipment from and where? And...

"We are in the cold storage construction consulting department,
We give golden answers to the following golden questions."​​​​​​​

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You can now get advice on building your desired cold storage by completing the form below and then contacting our experts.

After receiving advice on building cold storage, you can send us your request through the form below, knowing the cost of building cold storage.​​​​​​​

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SNAP ColdStorage Project
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Map request form

The content of the 3D map of the cold storage location:

These plans do not include electrical, mechanical, or construction plans, but merely the architecture and design of the cold storage area​​​​​​​

Executable formats : Autocad - Sketchup

1- Drawing a land map with dimensions and areas
2- Implementation of land map and specifications on Google Map
3- Designing the dimensions of cold storage halls and their capacity based on tons, cubic meters, position pallets, and other storage methods if needed
4- Designing the cold storage dock, including the dimensions, areas, and requirements required in the dock, such as the location of duct pipes, platform doors, shelves, internal scales, the location of warehouse equipment, etc.
5- The location of the cold storage engine house
6- Location of cold storage doors and docks
7- Location of cold storage evaporators
8- Office location of the cold storage
9- Guarding and dimensions
10- Weighing and cold storage
11- Warehouse parts and accessories warehouse
12- Required green space and its area
13- The total area of the designed buildings​​​​​​​

Cold Storage map design​​​​​​​

The usable space is a function of the correct design of the cold storage, halls, and proper use of the property area. The larger the space, the higher the price and value of the cold storage.​​​​​​​

Exploitable cold storage space​​​​​​​

cold storage insulation​​​​​​​

One of the most popular insulations in Iran is sandwich panels. Higher quality insulation leads to greater cold storage efficiency. Therefore, the type of insulation used in the construction of the cold storage is effective in determining the price or value of the cold storage.

It should be selected in full harmony with the size of the hall and freight vehicles such as forklifts and trucks.

cold storage door​​​​​​​

Refrigerator compressor​​​​​​​

It is the engine or beating heart of the cold storage that officially has its world. If you are not an expert in this field, we suggest that you never choose a cold storage compressor yourself and be sure to seek advice from knowledgeable sources. In today's world, many different compressors are designed and built for different cold storage needs. Among the most famous compressor brands in the world, we can name Bitzer compressor, RefComp compressor, Copeland compressor, etc .; Based on the way it works, it is divided into types of dynamics and positive displacement, and from these types, several subsets are derived.

Other equipment and valves and ...

Cold storage building with single-phase electricity is more expensive than building cold storage with three-phase electricity. Also, the construction of large cold storages (for technical reasons) is mostly done with three-phase electricity.​​​​​​​

Power consumption

The more rooms the refrigerator can reach sub-zero temperatures, the higher its price and value. This is why sub-zero refrigeration is more expensive than above-zero refrigeration.

The temperature of halls

Electrical panel​​​​​​​

It is known as the control center and tool of the refrigerator in the hands of the refrigerator owner. The more features this tool gives to its refrigerator holder, the higher the price and value will be.​​​​​​​

Like compressors, it is a specialized subject, and choosing the right type of them requires high knowledge and experience. The condenser and evaporator must be selected in full coordination with the compressor and other refrigeration equipment.​​​​​​​

condenser and evaporator​​​​​​​

Affecting Factors on the cost of cold storage construction

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