Cold storage, the first and best in the construction of cold storage, rental of cold storage, purchase and sale of cold storage​​​​​​​

Cold storage rental in Tehran, Karaj and other cities​​​​​​​

Cold storage Holding, with a group consisting of the best, top and most reputable cold storage manufacturers, cold storage owners and engineers in the cold storage industry, intends to take a small step in improving the quantity and quality of the country's newly founded cold storages.
Cold storage Holding is one of the few manufacturers in the country that has been working in the cold storage industry for more than 50 years. Farrokh Cold Storage Company has started working in 1347 in its current location in Karaj due to the efforts of Mr. Majid Farrokh and is still being worked by the second generation of the family in this industry.

About Cold Storage Holding​​​​​​​

Rental and construction of cold storage in Tehran, Karaj and other cities​​​​​​​

Rental form
ساخت سردخانه
خرید و فروش سردخانه
Buy and Sell
اجاره سردخانه

Cold storage Holding, as one of the most reputable cold storage companies in Iran, offers the following services:​​​​​​​

Construction form
سکوی بارگیری سردخانه
سالن سردخانه
انبار سردخانه
سوله سردخانه
مجتمع سردخانه ای

Your idea deserves perfect execution and your budget deserves optimal consumption.

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