Cold Storage for Rent

Renting a cold storage for your business should not be hard, we in SardKhanehDotCom with more than half a century experience, will help you to find your suitable and desirable cold storage warehouse. We bring you a selection of rental warehouses from our own facilities and our partners. Our vision is to serve businesses with measures that can help them save more by renting spaces within warehouses that can meet their budget. Clients can also join our program that will help them rent out their own property easier and much faster.

5 of the Best Reasons to Rent Cold Storage

  1. No need for upfront large capital outlay
  2. Fixed monthly costs for your budgets
  3. Full engineering support
  4. Flexibility for your buisiness operations
  5. Increased efficiency with modern equipment

Tips for Rental Warehousing

Choosing the Right Warehouse Type

When renting a cold storage keep in mind that there are multiple types to store with. Special frozen meat and chicken cold storages with freezing temperature. Medicine and chemical cold storages which require certain special temperature or normal food and vegetable stuff which need less caring temperature

Select the Right Location

A affordable rental warehouse is important for every business. However, getting the best location is not always easy. We here in SardKhanehDotCom bride the gaps and making it easy for business owners to search and find their suitable cold storage for rent. We help you find the best location for your own cold storage

Correct Capacity for A Rental Storage Space

With SardkhanehDotCom you dont need to think about the capacity of your storage. Our consultants will help you to find best capacity for your business. We hava more than half a century experience in cold storage, so we know better than anyone else that what is the best for you

Rent Your Cold Storage

Now that you know tips and reasoning for renting a cold storage, you should not wait any longer. Submit your rent request below or for more information contact our professional consultants to help you for free.

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The VIP Cold Storages

The collection of cold storages bellow, all directly managed by SardKhanehDotCom team. It includes all brokerage services of cold storages including: Operational, Financial, Technical, Design and all other use services.